Amer’s work

Amer has appeared on MSNBC with Melissa Harris-Perry, been featured in the notable film “Cracking the Codes” by Shakti Butler, and has keynoted events that have been recorded and broadcast widely.

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Check out Amer’s appearance at the Melissa Harris-Perry show.
Part 1 – Starbucks’ race reality check ‘a hot mess’.
Part 2 – How women are fighting against ‘slut-shaming’.
Part 3 – The value of talking about race.

Check out Amer speaking at Webster University About Islam in America.

Check out Amer discussing Islam and Islamic history with students at University of Wisconsin-Parkside.


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Ahmed, A. (May 21, 2013). Confronting the Avoidance of Islamophobia by Social Justice Educators. ACPA Commission for Social Justice Educators Blog. (


A talented poet and spoken word artist, Amer’s wisdom from his unique lived experiences and creative expression has been set to music in the album “Dawah – Storyteller’s Bazaar”. Amer has also served as Executive Producer of the Grammy-nominated artist Maimouna Youssef, whose electric sound spans a variety of musical influences including: jazz, rock vintage soul, pop, modern R&B, and hip hop.

Dawah, a Storyteller’s Bazaar. Amer’s originally produced album. Get the CD on Amazon

Amer is the Executive Producer of the Grammy-Nominated Artist Maimouna Youssef

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